Your home is your castle, and we know you would like to have it as well protected as a palace.

That is why offer a wide variety of home security options for your house, condominium or apartment. All of our locksmith services are performed by our qualified technicians who are able to work on nearly any home security device. We can listen to all of your concerns and take every precaution to ensure you are protected from intruders. Preferred Locksmith we offer security for the smallest and largest of homes.

Security Assessment

You have a lot of options when it comes to security for your home. Preferred Locksmith can assess all of your home’s entry points and determine the best options to give you a peace of mind. When you contact Preferred Locksmith, we can offer full security for your home. Our home security options go beyond just traditional locks. We have home access systems, door security devices and accessories, deadlocks, keyless entry options, and more. If you need to secure your valuables, you can count on us to provide and service safes.

Intercom Access

Concerned about your family opening the door to an unwanted guest? You can know who is outside your home via an intercom system. You will be able to screen all of your visitors, particularly if you have children at home who may still trust strangers. We can install a thorough intercom for both the interior and exterior of your home within a few hours. Our intercom services feature video and audio. When it comes to security for your home, we deliver with fast and friendly service by knowledgeable technicians. Want a home security system? We can help determine what your home needs to be best protected from intruders. You need the best security out there for your home, and we can deliver it with fast and dependable service.

Wireless Monitoring

Would you like to monitor your residence when you are not at home? We can help you select a wireless home monitoring system. Wireless home security systems can communicate outside the home without the use of a phone line, so a thief is unable to severe the connection. A wireless home security system is also controlled remotely through your Smartphone, tablet, or laptop. These security systems are perfect for apartments, as they require little installation and are not permanent. Preferred Locksmith offers the latest in technology, and we can equip your home with it today.

Our technicians are trained on virtually every aspect of home security, and we offer reasonable rates. Most locksmiths in the area do not offer the full menu of home security services available at Preferred Locksmith. We want to make sure your home is guarded as well as you desire with premium customer service and well-trained technicians. Preferred Locksmith wants to help make your home more secure. You can expect quick and efficient service from us, as we know your time is valuable.

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